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| Anybody have a used copy of RealFlight, either G2 or G3, that they'd | like to part with at a reasonable price?
Your best bet is eBay.
Looking at recently completed auctions, RFG3 seems to go for about $160, and RFG2 for about $70-$120. Add-ons add a little to the cost, but not that much.
I also suggest watching your local Craiglist or Usenet *.forsale groups -- I got my copy of RFG3 for about $100 that way, but you'll probably have to wait a while for a copy to show up.
rcuniverse.com and rcgroups.com have for-sale sections, you might want to check there.
RFG3 is quite a bit better than RFG2, and the differences are a lot larger than just better graphics -- the planes fly more realistically, the editing of the planes is much improved, etc.
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