3d modelling and threads

Hi all,
when modelling a component that has a thread such as a stud/screw/bolt. Is
the thread actually produced in its entirety or is a convention used? If the
thread is drawn then what is the best way to do this?
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Imagine the hellish nightmare of having to actually align a threaded bolt with its nut, in ACAD so the surfaces don't collide and the faces match. In Inventor, threads are simply "shaded", meaning that the length of the bolt that has threads is not quite the same color (looks striped) as the rest of the shaft. We rarely even draw nuts and bolts in full 3D, unless they play an integral role in the fonction of whatever contraption we're doing, not just being a nut or a blot. When we do draw it full 3D, I NEVER draw threads. The BOM shows bolt size, length, type, etc. so I don't waste time futzing around with a standard part. I just add a note indicating what part goes where with a leader. Simple, easy, fast. Besides, ACAD is famous for not being able to "modelise" threads accurately, although I've heard they've fixed this problem in recent releases. I haven't checked.
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