My name is Ron Kliewer and I am president of a small company called
Innovative Surface Solutions International Inc.
I am writing this letter to introduce you to a new kind of floor grinding
and finishing machine I have been working
on for the past 4 years with 320,000.00 invested. It has 8 four inch
diameter velcro pads on the bottom of the machine.
Four spin clockwise and four spin counter clockwise which in turn makes for
a super stable running machine. With different
types and grits of pads virtually any kind of floor can be ground and
polished including hardwood, concrete, marble, terrazzo,
fibreglass and even epoxy paint.
The web site is as follows:
formatting link

The machine has been entirely built on a computer using a program called
IRONCAD. It is a dream to use, very well
built and the potential is just there I know it. I invested so much of my
funds that I ended up losing my company that
I built up over the last 14 years, I had to sell it for pennies on the
dollar and now I am manufacturing these machines
one at a time in my garage. Things are real tight but I am not giving up on
this, the machine is truly needed in the industry
and if I can just hang on for a bit longer I know this will really take off.
You probably know of someone who had a real good idea but it never got off
the ground. Why? He ended up just
giving up because of costs of research and developement. Well I refuse to
give up. Can YOU help?
You are most likely wondering "what can I do to help? I am not in the floor
industry and never will be." True, but could you help to
keep me going? Could you send 1, 2, or 5 dollars?
I know, I know, you are thinking "Crap, this guy is begging on the
Well sad to say maybe you are right. Put yourself though in my position,
the bank will not lend me anymore money, venture capital
companies rob you blind, sure I could just temporarily close up and get a
job pumping gas but that is a last resort, and I know then it would die.
I truly know and feel that this machine could be in every rental store in
North America, it is needed.
Help me to carry it through. Could you help?
Here is my address:
I.S.S. International
2220 Tolmie Ave.
Coquitlam, B.C.
V3K 3E2
Kind regards, Ron Kliewer
P.S. Imagine going into a rental store and seeing my machine! You could
quietly say to yourself "I helped that guy out, looks like he did it!"
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Belt and pad sanders are cheaper to make cheaper to run and have less parts. Sounds like you threw your money away.
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It;s even a dead link. So the guy is already out of buisiness. Looks to me taht if you really have a good produckt and a good buisinessplan and you have some goods to back you up (real estate), you ought to get some investment money from a bank, you also could try your rich uncle or wealthy aunt. Take a job by day and build these machines in your spare time. Begging is easy.
"ron kliewer" schreef in bericht news:S%dTa.483564$ snipped-for-privacy@news3.calgary.shaw.ca...
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