calling LISP commands within the setq funtion in R14

Is there a way to call a LISP command within the the setq or set functions
such that
(setq x 1 y 2 z 3)
(setq pt1 ((+ x y) z)
will evaluate the exressions and return "3 3" instead of returning "(+ x y)
z" as the value of the string?
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John McCullough
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I'm not exactly sure what you're trying accomplish, when say "return '3 3'". In your example, you have a function (albeit with bad syntax) within the setq.
(setq pt1 (+ x y z)) would return the sum of x, y and z.
If you're trying to create a coordinate point from the values, you need to make them a list, like this:
(setq pt1 (list x y z))
That could be passed to any function/command requiring a point.
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Thanks for the input. It worked like a charm.
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John McCullough

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