Hi Group,
Is it possible to alter the stacking order of layers to bring items to the
front for alteration as is done in Photoshop.
Thanks in advance to all those who take the time to reply.
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You can use the display order commands on individual items - can't remember what menu it is on. They don't wor on a layer basis though - only on individual items. Furthermore, in releases prior to 2004 they do not work within blocks.
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Matthew Taylor
Look into DRAWORDER. It might be what you are looking for.
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Ian A. White
No. Individual objects can be pushed up and down with DRAWORDER, but in AutoCAD, layers do not have a "Z" position.
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Michael Bulatovich
Check out
formatting link
I think they have/had a tool to do it with layers, as well. Not sure if it was a free tool or part of their toolpac.
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I've had good luck with using it in a couple of blocks with 2Ki. Very simple blocks, but blocks.
XRefs are a different matter.
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