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I have created Chinese characters using han yu pin yin and was able to show clearly how the Chinese character that I wanted. however when I convert it to AutoCAD, question marks appear instead of the Chinese character that I keyed in earlier. And I realise that AutoCAD can only read a certain code, meaning this code will represent the Chinese character I want to display as. Is there ways I can display the Chinese words using han yu pin yin?? Or is there ways I can not use the code for AutoCAD? is there any easier way out of it? If there is only codes that I can resort to, then where can I find those codes from? thank you very much... =)

a confused person with AutoCAD n inventor.

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I'm not positive with cad but I can tell you about other programs. I think you need Chinese windows. I think your problem is you don't have the Chinese system fonts. I use Illustrator and on my English windows machine I get the same thing, question marks. Even if I copy the Chinese text from a web page (Explorer is fine with Asian fonts) and paste it in, I get Question marks. BUT, on my Chinese windows machine I can type Chinese in any program, cad included.

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You do not need chinese windows, but you do need to add the support for "asian" languages. See your windows help for this, or look at some page on microsoft's site for this.

Once you add support for DBCS - double byte chararcter set - and the appropriate symbol sets for the languages you want - Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc., you must then be using an application program that recognizes and processes the dbcs characters.

There is also a necessity with some applications, such as MS WEIRD, to switch back and forth between "English" characters and the dbcs character sets you ahve installed.

IE will support these automagically, and once you install the support in your windows, all those question marks will turn into beautifully crafted little pictographs. You can make chinese character T-shirt stencils on your laserjet - cool.

Of course, if the application does not support dbcs, it will not work. I have no idea if acad etc supports this.

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