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Hi all
I need to automate some commands.
I want to create a series of shortcuts (alias?), say L1, L2 etc, that
changes linetype, linewight and linecolour (and possibly layer) in one go.
For example:
L1 = continuos, blue, 0.5mm
L2 = chain dotted, red, 0.35mm
L3 = yellow, hidden, 0.4mm
and so on.
Is this possible and, if so, can someone please get me pointed in the right
Thanks in anticipation,
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Mochyn Brwnt :8(
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"Mochyn Brwnt :8(" wrote in message news:410c7ysz1xy1$.
You could write a little script file, basically a list of commands that you would normally type in at the AutoCAD command line but instead they are individual lines of text in a text file.
The text file must have an extension of .scr
Something like this .........
Linetype Set Continuous
Color 5
There is a blank line after Continuous and after the 5
You also add a button to the toolbar to invoke the script.
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Forgot to add the lineweight bit ................ here goes
LINETYPE Set Continuous
Remember there is a blank line after Continuous and after the 0.50
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Cool.. it works! Thanks so much, I've been trying to do this for ages.
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Mochyn Brwnt :8(
"Mochyn Brwnt :8(" wrote in message news:
Your welcome !
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