Need some advice about creating 3d photorealistic models

Hi all,
I have been asked to create either 3d models of a housing estate with
standard materials attached or 3d models with photos attached to the sides
and roof to create photo real models, I have a rough idea of how to do the
first one but would like some advice on the second one. As a test project to
do over the weekend before I have to give a yes or no to the job on Monday I
have taken some photos of my garden shed, only 3 sides the other is next to
a wall, and I want to model this and create an animation going around the
shed. Is this easy to do? I have vast experience in autocad but none in 3d
max, I also have a copy of Architectural Desktop 2004 to hand which comes
with VIZ render, which I have been told is pretty good. Which would be the
best package to use? bearing in mind I only have the weekend to learn how to
do this. I have a copy of powerstitch which can stitch many image files
together to create one big image, I will then need to attach these images to
the faces, I then want to use some form of lighting and cast shadows to
create a realistic looking render, then I will need to animate it. Maybe all
of this is best done in one package or maybe use a selection of autocad,
architectural desktop and 3d max. Any suggestions on how I should go about
this, or maybe there are some online tutorials that you know of, would be a
great help to me.
Thanks in advance to any useful replies, they will be greatly received.
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