Technical Drawing - Supplement

I am looking for supplements or Answers to the questions/drawings at the end
of the chapters in Technical Drawing (12th edition) by Giesecke. I am
reading this book and working on the drawings, I need to verify if I am
doing ok so I need answers to compare.
Is there anyone who can help me?
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If this is self study and you are not being examined on your work then I would be happy to check over a couple of examples for you if you email me the question (scan the page) and send me your drawing.
If it's not self study then your tutor should do this for you, there is no problem in making mistakes, this is how I learned, by having someone red line my work and trying to get my work perfect so the old so and so could not put any red on my drawing.
"Everyone is entiltled to make mistakes as long as they learn by them and don't repeat them"
Alan (Cadalot)
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Thank you for the offer. I do not have scanner but I can email you drawing and will write you what I am trying to do. If you have the book Technical Drawing (12th Edition), I can give you the page no. This is not self study but as you know teacher is not available all the time. Autocad mechanical is my personal interest and I do not want to cheat me but want to have strong knowledge.
Once again thanks.
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