Layer control in modelspace/paperspace

My model space drawings are ending up with so many layers that I can't see
the wood for the trees.
I want to be able to switch off layers in model space but leave them on in
the paperspace layouts.
How do I do this?
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Ian Robinson
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Can't be done, but since you can see both spaces at once it doesn't matter that much IMHO.
If your protocol involves many layers, as mine does, you need to come up with easy ways of dealing with the density of information. I use logical prefixes in my layer convention that allows logical groups to be killed in one swoop with wildcards. This can then be put into a button, the buttons grouped into flyouts, etc. I also have a nifty command-line version of LMAN that Allan Seidel developed that saves the current layer setup and can recall it without using the clunky dialogue. This can also be put in a button, and grouped into flyouts..... Anyway the point is that you have to get expert at manipulating layers if you're going to have lots of them. Using a dialogue and picking them would be *out*of*the*question* for me.
LISP can be invoked to help you out here too. There's at least one, VPFRZ, on my site you should check out. It's a point-and-shoot version of VPLAYER. There are lots of lisp routines for layer management available elsewhere on the web too.
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Michael Bulatovich
Use layer states. The add-on below lets you restore a state transparently with one click.
Tim Skene
PRO Menu - The Productivity Toolbox for AutoCAD
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Tim S

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