DIMRADIUS centre mark help

Hi people!
I am a having a problem convincing DIMRADIUS to add the centre mark or
lines. DIMCEN is set to 2.5, and I have tried to draw the dim with the text
on the outside on various size circles but it still won't display! :( If I
use DIMCENTRE after the drawing the dim the mark appears. Would PDMODE
effect this (currently set to 1, have tried 32)? I have another drawing that
the mark appears in that dim style, but after coping the dim into the other
drawing, if fails to add the mark. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Scott Manning
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In the dimension style format set your text outside horizontal only and set vertical justification to the outside in geometry style choose center mark with a value greater than 1 and set your overall scale to a higher number it should do the trick.
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