dist command

can u help?
is there any way to stay in the dist command without have to keep presseing
Thanks in advance!!!
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Sure, use this little lisp. It will undefine the dist command then create a new one.
(command "undefine" "dist") (defun c:dist (/ pt1 pt2) (while (setq pt1 (getpoint "Specify first point: ")) (if (setq pt2 (getpoint pt1 " Specify second point: ")) (command "._dist" pt1 pt2) ) ) (princ) )
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at the command prompt type MULTIPLE press ENTER then type DIST and press ENTER /RL "x x" skrev i meddelandet news:FYrlc.8165$ snipped-for-privacy@pathologist.blueyonder.net...
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Roland Lykvist

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