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This newsgroup is receiving more and more spam/prono/garbarge posts. I have
to show my ignorace about the operation of a newsgroup and ask ... is there
not an administrator or other authority than can block these bothersome
posts? It is a shame that a good ng is plundered by such trash.
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George B
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My ISP or somebody must do a better job of filtering, because I see almost none where I sit. Maybe one or two every couple of days.
Contact your ISP and see what they can do. The trouble is that most ISP's don't make any money and therefore don't spend a lot of time and effort managing the news.
I don't use it, but in other groups people recommend Supernews as a solution.
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Steven M (remove cola to reply)
This group is "unmoderated" and dying, from what I can tell. Where is everybody?
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Michael Bulatovich
I agree. I'm a kitchen and bath drafter and I do not have formal training, but I use this as a resource and check in on it regularly. I don't post as I am in the vanishing minority of Internet users who keep their mouth shut if they have nothing useful or accurate to say :)
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I think it's not so much that as that this particular medium is dying in general.
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"Michael Bulatovich" wrote in news:Tdrlc.12795$ZJ5.508597 @news20.bellglobal.com:
I may be part of the problem. I only come when I have a problem or when I have spare time. 4 kids and a business, very little spare time.
Every couple of months, I like to jump in and see if there is someone with a problem I might be able to help, I but my versions are old.
I am only here now because I need to write a hatch pattern for octigonal shingles, or steal one. Stealing one would be quicker. :)
Visited your site, and swiped a few lsp routines for study. (thanks)
You have been a help to me (more times than you know) and I thought I should say so. You, and Tom and a few from across the pond whose names I cannot spell (nor pronounce).
Thanks, and if you guys will hang around I, for one will try to be present more often. Not that it will do much good for people who know more than I, but maybe.....
Best Regards.
**** I really know too little about how to keep the wrong people from having my email address, while allowing the right folks, but snipped-for-privacy@soxckext.net without the extra characters might work.
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Roy Knapp
Relative to some besieged NG's I frequent, the signal to noise ratio here is outstanding.
The only two consistent and reliable pieces of advice you'll find are:
1) Don't feed the trolls, and
2) Develop (maintain?) some thick skin.
I've noticed over the years on Usenet that the garbage level seems to rise and fall for no apparent reason, too, so we might be on a crest...
George B wrote:
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Robert Barr
On the Autodesk news servers. Point your news reader to their server at: discussion.Autodesk.com
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Randy Jones
It's not the same with a (over-zealous) moderator. They won't let me type "god" as in "Oh my god!". They delete anything they want. It's one step from an being in an infomercial without getting paid. It's just not the same.
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Michael Bulatovich

It does seem to be dying off. I am probably a fairly typical case. I lurk here for the most part. Occassionally I have something to add, but so often one of you hot-dogs have already answered others questions before I even see them. And though I have been using Autocad for many years, I don't right much lisp, and no VBA stuff. I can do most of my work with it right out of the box, and usually a simple search will turn up any extra lisp I need. I know, not the same as writing it yourself. Nice website you, by the way. Cheers
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Steve W
That's *Mr.* Frankfurter to you.
Thanks. A colleague described it as something between a blog and a portfolio site. I don't do much ranting, but have thought about it-just too busy these days.
One of my favorite groups is alt.design.graphics and over half of the posts are OT, but no one seems to mind. In fact it's the OT posts that keep *me* going back. I'm mainly a lurker there, but they often turn me on to interesting stuff on the web. Once in a while I've got something to say about graphic design...
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Michael Bulatovich

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