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Lookign at a Weslock deadbolt yesterday. Open the door, turn the knbo.
Didn't turn.
Take the back off. Fgirue it's probably tailpiece mistimed.
Tail is twisted about 40 degrees.
Start to straighten the tail. Put it back together.
The little hole where the tail goes is split.
Bolt only goes about 1/4 inch cause the diecast hole is split.
Further investigation. Door swings ab it low (new home) and bolt hits
the bottom of the strike.
If the door isn't locking, then REALLY crank on the handle, right?
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sounds like new home construction to me.. who cares HOW it fits or works as long as the pieces are present...
we had an entire sub division here blown away, back in the spring.. ALL BRICK houses.. flattened..
you know brick walls are strong in compression, yes? but their weakness is a side wind... there wasnt much behind the brick, construction wise...and the wind blew them down.. $300k houses.. (MY area is cheap, dollart wise-in California, these would have been million+ dollar houses) (the usual front door lock on these is $10, BTW, too)
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Dear Shiva, It sounds like the same builder. I was helping install AC on a home last year. The back wall in the laundry room was fiberglass board, and vinyl siding. No flakeboard or plywood. We were noticing that a utility knife cuts siding and fiber board. So, we didn't need the drill and hole saw to get the line set through.
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Oh, but of course.
I did stop by a parts house yesterday, they don't stock weslock. So, I'm going to my parts bin, and also get on the phone and try to find a bolt.
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