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Forget all the excuses and denials and "intelligence" failures. Those who tell us there is nothing we could have done to prevent 9-11 is either ignorant or a conspirator. Had the FAA and the Airlines (read $$$) enforced their own rules, 9-11 would have just been another day. Simple rule, easy to enforce right? Right.

But you see, we have to blame "non-entities" and "things" (like intelligence) which cannot be sued. If we were allowed to blame the airlines because they failed enforce their own rules which were obviously designed to protect us, the airline would be bankrupted. And as Americans, well, we just couldn't allow that to happen now could we.

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Randy Jones

Ozhog Why do you think that this is a good thread for a CAD discussion forum? I will ask you to search a better forum for this and not annoy us with your crude oppinion

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I thank you.


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