Forklift steering fluid ?

When I turn the steering wheel on my Yale forklift, a hydraulic cylinder moves side to side and forces the rear wheels to tilt. Where does the fluid for this cylinder come from? Is it the same fluid that lifts the forks?

I've found the resevoirs for the engine oil, mast hydralic fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and coolant. But I still haven't found one for the steering.

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My Allice uses main pump hyd. oil. But I can't say for sure for a Yale, I'll ask the company that repairs my forklifts, for some reason they will be at the plant Monday morning.

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Tom Gardner

On my Allmand loader / backhoe everything but engine oil and radiator fluid comes out of one tank of hydraulic fluid.


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It uses the hydro oil system. The oil is pushed thru the hydro pump then to a priority vave that insures that in case of low hydo pressure (failing pump) there will be enough pressure to steer the lift but maybe not enought to lift the forks. From the priority valve the oil goes to a steer motor attached to the steering wheel which distributes the oil to the steer cyl.

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