Electric motor wiring request

RAE Corp fractional hp gear head motor
Brush type
110vt ac
3 wires..brown black and yellow
Anyone have any idea what wire does what?
Im assuming reversable not two speed..but?
No data found in hour long web search
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Gunner Asch
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It might be one of those new 110vac three-phase motors. Notice that the three brushes are not 120 degrees but one brush is 74 degrees, this is due to the fact that "Harley Davidson" holds a minority of stock in RAE.
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Tom Gardner
Brush types are usually DC motors. In the old days, you'd sometimes see reluctance motors, and these also had brushes.
I suggest you check for continuity and ohms reading between each of the 3 leads and the case and then from each lead to the 2 others. If you get lucky, one of the 3 leads will be connected to the motor's case, this is the ground lead, and the other two leads will show a few ohms resistance between them, and these would be where AC power goes. I'm assuming this is a small universal motor like you'd see on a hand power tool. A universal DC motor in my recall is just one in which the field winding is connected in series with the main winding.
Anyway, if you're still stumped, post back the ohmmeter readings.
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Grant Erwin
I believe it's obvious what the wires do..
You didn't provide any motor numbers, or the unit's model numbers. It could be a current production model, or obsolete older model, or a custom built configuration.
If the motor isn't a custom-built unit for a specific OEM product, RAE will probably be willing to supply you with all specs and a wiring diagram. Many motor producers build custom configurations for customers buying significant quantities of units that meet special requirements not found in their off-the-shelf models.
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The site didn't provide any connection diagrams that I could see. The description for the wound field motors indicates that they can be connected as either shunt or series wound motors.
In nearly every instance, an earth/safety ground lead will have green insulation, although on some continents the ground leads are green and yellow striped. For motors with no green or green/yellow lead, the customer is expected to provide a secure earth ground.
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Gunner Asch wrote:
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Wild Bill
I meant to cancel this post...I put a fuse on all leads and plugged it in. Brown is CW, Yellow is CCW and black is hot.
The two gear head variable speed drives evidently got wet. One runs full speed with no variable speed, even though the speed pot is ok and the trimmers dont do anything..and the other gear drive appears to have a shorted communtator. So I was looking for something else to use for that welding positioner. Shrug..
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Gunner Asch

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