Electric Motor Wiring

I have jsut bought a second hand washing machine motor to turn into a
bench grinder. The motor has 7 wires coming out of it. Using a
continuity tester I have broken the wires down into two circuits, one
consisting of 2 wires, the other 5 wires. The motor is Italian, a
Zanussi washing machine motor. I also cannot understand Italian
Here are the specifications of the motor, and the link to a picture.
Made in Italy 220/240 v 50Hz.
markings as per label :
Tipo 20570.79
2 Poli 2900 G1
16 Poli 330 G1
Cond. Carta 10mF 450VL

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Any help as to what I should do would be GREATLY appreiciated.
Sam Dalton
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On 13 Nov 2004 22:20:12 -0800, SamD put forth the notion that...
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