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I would like to know if it is possible to measure distance in polyline like
in more points not just in two. In measure distance you get the result after
two clics. Is there a possibility to add more distances?
Thanks in advance
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You can use the functions "Divide" or "measure" , to place a node on the pline , please refere the help topic about the two commands. Before any of the two, maby it is a good idea to change the size and type of dot that will be placed along the pline so you can se the dots and they have the right size. Or if you will not globaly change the size and type of node , you can use the option to have a block inserted instead of a ode. ------- when using say "Divide" you get the option to place a block insert instead of a dot or a node but then you just need to make a small drawing and make that into a block that you name and ansver with that name, when the function ask. ------------ Problem is that if you don't change the "Pdmode" and or the "Pdsize" system var. maby you can not se the dots. P.C.
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You want the distance along the polyline. That I understand, but between *three* points? I need some more explanation.
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Michael Bulatovich
AFIK the work-around suggested by PC has been the only way to get a running total of linear values without using LISP.
I suggest you try the phrase 'How2: Get Running Total of Dist Values' as a subject line submitted to a LISP developers newsgroup as by now somebody has probably written a script to resolve this flaw in AutoDesk's exposed feature set.
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I sent you a Lisp file for Running Distances...hope it is of use
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Scott Brackstone

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