Measure from round to a flat

I want to measure from a round face to a flat but when I select the round
face it goes to the center of the round object, how can I measure the
distance from the edge of the round object to the edge of the flat object?
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Nathan Feculak
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Try selecting the edge of the round object rather than the face. This should give you the closest dimension from the round edge to the flat.
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Rob Rodriguez
If your hole and flat are in a different plane then you can get your edge distance. For example: Pick the top edge of your thru hole and bottom edge of the flat. You will then get a diagonal measurement and you can read you x y z distance. Sometime you will get an edge distance by picking the flat and hole edge in the same plane. For 2 holes pick the top edge of one and the bottom edge of the other.
Another trick is to create an assembly Cut feature or feature cut in a part. This creates a "section view" and all silhouette edges become lines. It is then very easy to use the measure tool. You can turn off you "section" by suppressing the feature.
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