E+03 coordinate problem

Does anybody know what does mean an expression on coordinate line like
4.5714E+03, 95'-5/8", 0'-0" ?
I'm working on somebody's drawing and I keep getting an error message
: Cannot do (fillet, join, etc) because lines are not cooplanar.
Looking at the coordinate of such a lines (polylines, etc) I can see
that expression. Also if I try to draw a new line within such a
drawing it sometimes gets drawn two ends on a different plane.
I would very much apreciate if somebody could help me. All the
drawings in the company I'm working with now got the same problem,
even their template.
flatten.lsp does not work in this case.
Thank you very much in advance.
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It looks as if the dimension format is set to 'Scientific', giving you the 4.5714E+03 figure, i.e. multiply the 4.5714 by 1000. Resetting it to decimal might help you.
If flatten.lsp does not work, perhaps there are a number of blocks within the drawing that flatten.lsp cannot deal with.
Also, is the UCS rotated?
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