From AutoCad to Word

I want to export drawings from AutoCad to MS Word. When I export drawings
into wmf file quality is low? Is there some other way, maybe over Corel but
quality is still low.
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Goran Dolenec
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Have you simply tried to cut and paste the objects. I have had success doing that. It becomes an OLE object that you can scale in Word to fit onto your page how ever you want.
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Paul M
Have you tried exporting as .eps file....Eps exports look good, but I'm not sure how MS Word will handle it. You will also need a printer that can handle P.S.
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For wmf, use 'Better WMF'. Download from Furix.
formatting link
30-day free trial.
Or use Ctrl-C and copy the sections you want to the clipboard. Then paste into Word. If you use a black background, change it to white before copying.
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B. W. Salt.
I've never had any problem with WMF quality. It's a scalable vector format.
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If wmfout is nearly what you want, get BetterWMF from
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John B
johnbogie Put the "at" in the gap.
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Use BetterWMF, you can download from:
formatting link

Regards joar
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