General and OTRACK settings

I have a B I G problem with settings. By it's own AutoCAD 2002 change
settings for OSNAP and OTRACK:
- OSNAP marker become RED insted of YELLOW,
- OTRACK funcion stop function good,
- and some other changes that i didn't notice.
Thanks in advance for all comments.
I've EDU Networks version. 2002.
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As a rule, it's safe to say that AutoCAD's settings don't just change spontaneously. The most common cause is add-on software (.LSP, .VLX, .ARX ...) that is badly designed, and change settings for their own purposes, then fail to reset them. Even Express Tools can cause this, especially if certain ones are interrupted by an error or a user-depressed ESC key. ___
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Paul Turvill
I know that AutoCAD settings don't just change by it's own. But some "thing" did make changes. Nobody didn't install anythink, but it is possible that some Ad-aware from Internet did some of this damage.
Any suggestion how to re-configure changed settings?
THX, Uros.
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I would say that is VERY unlikely.
You'll have to just look them up and do it. I don't know any of them, off the top of my head, or I'd post them.
FWIW - Once you get them back to the way you like them, save them to user profile, so you can get them back easily.
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No, it's very unlikely that the changes were made by "some Ad-aware from the Internet." It's more likely some "tool" that belongs to AutoCAD that you're not even aware of ... like the Express Tools.
But you can change any of your settings and system variables by simply entering the correct command. Some are handled in the Preferences dialog, others individually. Look up any of them in HELP if you're uncertain where to look. ___
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Paul Turvill
Worst case you could try re-installing ACAD.
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I would do as the one person said reinstall acad and then go to profiles and set it up the way you like it and I have even done it twice and saved it as extra just in case I DID something to change my settings. Then go back to your profile and use it. that way you alway's have a back up and can change it in a matter of seconds. DH
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David Hughes

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