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Hi All I am new to ProE and Wildfire unfortunately the rest of the office are experienced with 2000i only and cannot help. I want to be able open wildfire and to have my customised settings (i.e.model tree to show features), open as standard. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Steve

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The good news, Steve, is that those guys using 2000i can be more help than they thought (or are willing to admit). Not much, in regard to setting up model trees has changed since then. You must still create a tree.cfg file and store it in a place pointed to by a configuration option called mdl_tree_cfg_file which requires you to give it the location of your tree.cfg file. Fortunately, you can do this pointing with Browse. Setting up the tree columns and filters is done with Settings at the top of the Model tree window. Lots of stuff, besides the feature/component name that you can add to the tree display. You do this with Tree Columns. The Tree Filters lets you decide whether to display suppressed features/components and it lets you include/exclude on other grounds. And a lot of what you select to display depends on how much you will use the model tree for selecting stuff. And doing the RMB menu functions with the items you've selected.

For the basics, go to the experienced guys; the WF2 stuff may be no more than getting to know the Menu Mapper.

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David Janes

Thanks, will give it a go Steve



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