Help Extruding a Region

I am writing a Visual Basic Program to create a 3D Model.
The system I am using is to create a Region and then extrude it along a path
(a lightweight polyline), but when I try to extrude one of the Region I get
the following error
'The swept profile does not lie in the mitre plane at start of a closed
How do correct this error?
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Anne Fox
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I'm sorry Anne, but you can't This is due to Autocad's limitations. You can do it on a CLOSED polyline, 3D or LW, as long as you have no Fillets (bulges) in it. I noticed one exeption , using a polygon (in fact a closed LWpolyline) with a fillet on each corner. (= Symmetric form)
There is a workaround: Devide the polyline on 2 points to create 2 separate OPEN polylines. The best place to do this is on the straight lines(devide these lines) in this polyline. If you devide the polyline between 2 vertexes, the connection between these vertexes is not smooth. If you created these 2 open polyline-extrusions, it is not possible to union them afterwards.
For some reason an extrusion after a bulge will become distorted. You can see it if you take a closer look at a extrusion along a open polyline-path after a bulge. for instance if you extrude a circle, after the bulge it's no circle anymore (viewmode 2D) You even can't select it there (no snappoints)
Hope this helps! Paul
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