HIdden lines acad 2002

An architect friend of mine is driving me crazy. He tells me he has lines such as joist & rafters printing as hidden and they are continuous. He is using an HP 350. He e-mailed me the drawings and the lines are not hidden in the drawings. They print fine for me, continuous. I have checked ltscale and everything I can think of with no success. Any ideas?


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Rudy Kazuti
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Format...layers.....and check to see what linetype is on each layer?

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You might try setting PSLTSCALE to zero. Maybe he's using paper space (or layouts in later versions)?

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Brian Salt

You have to make the distinction between how something prints and what it is. If you list the line and it comes up "continuous" (or BYLAYER on a layer who's linetype is "continuous") then that's what it is. If it looks or prints continuous, but lists as hidden, it is hidden and there is another factor at work here. What this is could vary with the version and the plotting protocol, which you didn't mention......

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Michael Bulatovich

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