how to instal cad on vista 64?

It says ''This is 32-bit AutoCAD 2008. It can not be installed on 64-bit
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I downloadwd Virtual PC from Microsoft, installed it on the Vista 64 machine, then opened it up, and installed a copy of XP Pro 32 bit within the Virtual PC environment. My CAD programs load and run fine, but it won/t see my system printer (a USB printer) Apparently Virtual PC doesn's support USB printers).
I have to dump any drawings to a thumb drive, take them to work and print them there.
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Unfortunately you should have checked Autodesk's AutoCAD support pages. I typed in 64-bit and the first article that came up clearly stated that AutoCAD is not supported on a 64-bit platform. And for Babygrand, as far as Virtual PC goes, printers and other peripherals are problematic on a virtual PC. You would have been better off creating a second partition for Windows XP and installing it on that. Then you would have a dual-boot system and everything would run just fine.
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