Raster to vector conversion. Any shades involved? This should be good. I clearly know nothing that can help :->
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I was wondering if anyone knew how to convert a .gif file into a .dwg
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GIF is not vector based. dots. DWG is vector based. data. a data base.
a DWG circle is a database entity with a centerpoint, a radius and other data controling layer, color, linetype, etc.
a GIF circle is dots. they may or may not all be an equal distance from some mythical center point, which may or may not have a dot......
I guess what I am trying to say is the thought "convert" is misleading at best. there is data needed for a DWG that a GIF simply does not contain. any REAL SOPHISTICATED program that GUESSES for you about the missing data is still just guessing.
garbage in, garbage out.
if your dots all line up with something near a mathmatical precision, your program might well create a vector line from it. if your GIF was created from vectors in the first place, with HIGH RESOLUTION....
picture of Alessandra Ambrosio - connect the dots..... GIF is just a file format. says NOTHING about the actual work that would be needed to take a abstract group of dots and create an abstract group of vectors....
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