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I wonder who he is referring to?
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"Sun" in news:
the blogger has seen kevorkiart
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at least edvard munch wasn't obsessed
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"The ?80:20 rule? has come to describe a ?low-end? entrant into the market that offers most of the features of existing products at 20% of the cost; Autodesk did it to Computervision, CADAM and others with AutoCAD in the 80s, SolidWorks did it to PTC in the 90s, and it?s happening again today."
I wonder who he is referring to? google sketchup?
the blogcomments are interesting, but this one repeats the perennial inaccurate dream "Our softwear manufacturers and venders need to realize that a used copy of and old CAD or other program, may not be good enough for a big multi-million dollar corporation, but is just right for the guy that is just starting out. And he will remember what has served him well when he has grown to a size that he needs the top of the line. The first company to figure this out is going to take the market by the horns and dictate to all of the rest and I for one will be a customer."
the fascistic status-conscious emotional state of government and business will not change; and that is what has enforced adsk's file format monopoly.
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