lines wrong on 19" flat crt monitor

I have recently purchased three new pcs and monitors. The monitors are 19" flat CRT and when I work on them in XSteel Drafting program the lines in the corners do not remain straight. This only occurrs with the 19" CRT that I purchased. I have tried these pcs with a regular CRT monitor and the lines are correct.

I realize this isn't autocad but I was hoping that someone may have experienced this problem when drafting in autocad. I can't find the XSteel newsgroups or I would not be bothering you folks.

I would certainly appreciate any information or advice you can give me though


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This seems to be a monitor problem. Adjust the pincushion settings on the monitor while a grid of lines is displayed. Go through the button options on the front of the monitor until you see a rectangle with curved edges or pincushion. Also reduce the overall image size until the edges are visible, they should be straight.

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Tim S

Nokia has a very nice program that helps when adjusting the settings for any monitor.

formatting link
monitor manual should tell you what needs adjusting, based on what the Nokia program displays (especially the geometry screen for the problem you've described)

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