Which monitor?

What would you buy for MCAD software????
* Two 19" monitors or
One 22" monitor
How SW works in dual monitor mode??
* LCD or CRT??
Which is better option ???
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I have one 22" Trinitron Monitor CRT running a 1600x1200 Resolution...I have more than enough Real State to go around a few times. I love this monitor It's great for running SW and even better when playing games!
Regards, Scott
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dual monitors work fine in my experience.I passed on LCD last year as I thought they weren't as good as CRT yet and at that time cost 2x as much. I figure by the time my CRTs die OLED may well be here and I may miss out LCD altogether. I suppose too that the native form will change to be in line with HDTV-16:9
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actually I was referring to colour reproduction, contrast,dead pixels,viewing angles and ghosting issues which have been technical limitations-although the latest LCD are getting much better...seriously my eyes are fine however my pockets weren't deep enough for 2 x19" LCD so I bought 2 flat screen Sony CRT for half the money and I'm happy. cheers
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Well i've had LCD's for a year or more now and i have no dead pixels, ghosting in CAD is basically zero (its only in games that it seems to be visible.. and as stated this was for *CAD* use). Color reproduction is deffinatly fine from what i can see. And i'm no 'newbie' to the technicals of things. Viewing angles... well unless you sit in another room its not an issue. I tend to sit at the computer and monitor i am using so viewing angles is like saying you're steering wheel doesnt pivot 180 degree's when you only move it slightly up and down and thats it.
Price well i'm going to assume you live in the US and well. Prices of LCD's there seem to be the price of cheap CRT's here and bring that into the CAD forte then i'm sure its affordable for a guru such as yourself.
hehe Dont get me wrong i'm not fighting here. Just giving you teh truth not guesses by perhaps some that having had LCD's to actaully experience the realities. A lot of ppl assume things based on hear-say.
But yes a year ago they were very expensive and that put them out of the way which is a shame as they shat over CRT when it comes to quality. And this is an LCD thats over a year old now.
For comparison's sake. The 19" LCDs i speak of were 3300$ each about a year ago when we got them. Now teh exact same one i can pick up for a cool 1375$. Not a bad saving :)
when they fix the response time and get it down to 13.5ms there will be nothing keeping CRTs 'alive'.
Long Live Flap Panel Displays i say. :) cheers
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My Bro got the Samsung 21" (210t) or (213t) for about ~1,250.00 recently and says it's sweet!
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Paul Salvador
I don't live in the US and I don't count myself as anything but a learner who endeavours to help others, especially since I have derived a lot of useful info from reading here.I hope the original poster has been assisted in his thinking with the replies he got-no doubt he will try before he buys and apportion his budget as I did. cheers
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