Which monitor??

What would you buy for MCAD software????

  • Two 19" monitors or
*One 22" monitor

How pro-e works in dual monitor mode??


  • LCD or CRT??

Which is better option ???



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"Jaro735" wrote in news:bfrqbm$o82$ snipped-for-privacy@news.onet.pl...

I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop machine with "internal" LCD + I have a

19" monitor next to it... I´m very happy with this combination, because then I can have my drawing on my proe-monitor and I use the other for mail, internet explorer, acrobat reader, etc. etc.... I can really recommend 2 monitors, but if you don´t have to switch back and forth between many applications one 22" monitor would be best for you, I guess.

No problems here...! I think it mostly depends on you graphic card. Nvidia graphics here....

I can´t say... They´re just as good, I think... the colors are better on my

19" monitor compared to my LCD but I guess it´s possible to somehow adjust this. Choose whatever you think is best :-)

Best regards, Martin Jorgensen.

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Martin Jorgensen

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