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Hi everyone, Could someone who own, or uses at work the Samsung SyncMaster 930B 19" LCD TFT monitor give me his comments and thoughts about that monitor. how is his coating (reflecting or not?) and is it too bright (300 cd/m2)? My CRT monitor is through his last faze of life with an unsharpness which is driving me nuts, so I turned to my computer dealer for offerings of LCD screens, and the only one with reasonable specs/price ratio is that model, but my brother told me to stay away from Samsung LCD screens for the two questions/reasons I asked above.

Thanks, Gil Alsberg

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Gil Alsberg
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It is an excellent product. If you can spend a little more for the 213T (21") you would not go wrong.



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Dennis Deacon

I second your opinion on the 213T... Great Monitor...

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Seth Renigar

Thanks Seth and Dennis for your feedback! Unfortunately there is a huge leap over the 19" to 20.1" barrier so the prices here in Israel goes like this formula: 20.1"@price = 19"@price * 2 (approximately). so above 19" is out of the question for me on these days. Maybe on another 6 years, when ill buy my next LCD screen the prices will be reasonable, and I could finally enjoy the resolution of 1600 * 1200.

cheers, Gil

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