Models - Top down or Bottom up?

A question to the seasoned modellers.
How does one start a model, top down i.e. [within an overall idea of the
final model's dimensions], or bottom up i.e. [first creating the detail
components, blocks etc ]?
Its one thing to know the individual commands of AutoCAD, the next
stage can only be satisfied with the knowledge that comes through
experience. Anyone care to share?
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I smell a false dichotomy....
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Michael Bulatovich
Michael - it shouldn't matter, it all depends on your own preferances. I like top down 'cos it is more intuitive to me. I first establish UCS's for front, left, right, back, top and bottom. For complex models I start from the front (!) because that's the most common viewing point. Just remember to save your UCS's. For instance, I call my front one "ff" and call it up using a "ff" AutoLisp command. I further save views by number, and call them up using that number, ie '1' for view 1. Such fast shifting of views does away with any concerns about where to start. Kerry.
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