We are a two seat sales office with peer to peer connections between. Ever
after R14, when the plotter settings are saved in a file we have to
continually change the settings when one or the other uses a common file.
For information, we have hundreds of file that almost never change but
simply sales tools that are sent as part of our equipment quotations. Will
an independent network printer solve the problem? Any other suggestions?
Best Regards
Joe Agro
Sales & Engineering
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Joseph Agro
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How is(are) your printer(s) connected?
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Michael Bulatovich
Parallel or USB to one of the peers.
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Joseph Agro
Then getting a router,and making it stand alone should simplify things. Your setting will remain on your machine, and not affect the other machine. Just be aware that some software may refuse to print on a network printer because the license is not for network use. It has happened to me.
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Michael Bulatovich

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