AutoCad slow commands over network.

At my work everyone who uses AutoCAD has their own copy installed on
their own computers and we access a single networked computer with all
our .dwg, blocks, lisp, plot styles, etc...
This has been working fine for years until recently about a month ago
random commands in AutoCAD only started to slow. The undo command
will take anywhere from 20 sec to 2 minutes to undo something as
simple as moving a line to the wrong location. Printing takes 2-3
minutes for AutoCAD to send the file to the printer where it use to be
instant. mstretch, mpedit and other such commands when used will say
Initializing... In the command line and take 15-20 sec before the
command is even ready to use then after seeing the command takes
another 15-20 sec to redraw the image with the changes. Some of our
lisps that were made in house to speed up our work have gone from
taking 10 seconds of automation (a combination of 8 steps of multiple
commands) to now taking a little over 2 minutes to complete.
Does anyone have an idea as to what is going wrong in my office? Our
IT guy has looked into everything network wise he can think of but we
believe this is a problem isolated to AutoCAD.
Thanks for any help you can give.
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Jason Kell
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You don't mention what version of AutoCAD you're using...
Problem could be whatever anti-virus program that your company uses. Every now and then McAfee does similar things to AutoCAD on our systems. You might try seeing if there is a new version of the program or an update to the definitions.
Another thing to maybe take a look at, try doing a -scalelistedit,? command and see how many definitions your drawings have. I had problems with some other people's drawings that got imported into ours that also causes a huge slow down - there were hundreds of scales (there should usually be around 33 or so). Do a reset if they are any extras. You'll have to do that for all the infected drawings. Usually the one's messed up like that have file sizes that are a lot larger than normal.
Also, if you bring in a lot of reference JPGs - use xref to take a look and see if there are any unreference paths that need deleted. For some reason 2008 wouldn't automatically purge the paths when a JPG was deleted.
Just some suggestions.
Jas> At my work everyone who uses AutoCAD has their own copy installed on
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