New 3D Hybrid Modeler Called Concepts

Concepts easily out models SolidWorks, Inventor, etc.
In Concepts solids and surfaces work seamlessly together.
Concepts is not good for large assemblies, does not do sheet
metal and has no built in CAM.
What Concepts does well is give you the ability to easily
model real world objects that are can be very difficult to
model with solid modelers / solid modelers where surfacing
is an afterthought.
Concepts sells for $995 and a free demo is available so that
one can try /
learn it. Note, Concepts toll free 800 number
can be used for support even if you don't buy the product.
Concepts runs on a PC or on Mac OS X.
Concepts is a high level modeler that blows the doors off
low level products like Rhino that have no feature based
solids and maintain no associativity for surface to spline
or surface to surface. Concepts also has powerful variable
Concepts is based on the latest ACIS kernel.
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I don't work for this company, I don't sell or support
software. This post is here because I think it's high time
that the market got a powerful product like Concepts at a
reasonable price.
Try Concepts and then post what you think... good or bad.
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