OT: Catia problem

Hi all!
I have a problem in catia and if anyone could help me it would mean a
great deal to me.
I'm making a Visual Basic script which would change values of texts in
a drawing.
And my problem is that i don't know hoe to reference those texts.
When i'm working in catia and go over a text in my lower left corner i
can see something like this:
"Text.40/DrwDressUp.1/Background View Preselected", and if i go with my
cursor over some other text i can see "Text.2/DrwDressUp.1/Background
View Preselected". So every Text has a number but i really don't know
how to reference it through VBA.
Can someone help with my issue?
Thanks in advance!
Marko Svaco,
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Marko Svaco
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