paperspace ?

I'm working on an existing drawing in acad2004
the dwg consists off a "model tab"
and lots more 'tabs'
No when I edit the drawing, all 'tabs' shange acordingly.
This is great.
When I place some parts of the dwg to the other end.
One 'tab' appears empty. This is quite normal, becouse I displaced its
content. Now I need to get the content back into this 'tab'.
I understand I've got to 'zoom' my way back. But when I use the zoom
command all it does is zooming the layout, and not the dwg on the
layout. I'm lost pls help
btw. zooming works on one of the ' tab's ' . this tab does not display
a ucs. all the others do.
When I get this right I need to create a new 'tab', but then I get
back to this group.
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Aha..... found it! putting on my stupid cap... I typed 'mspace' on the command line and whoops!... the dwg zoomed. Typing 'pspace' zoom's the layout again.
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Double clicking inside the viewport also changes it to mspace, double clicking outside it changes it back .
bit quicker than typing.
Also make sure you don't put a viewport entirely within another one. Could explain why, but might be better for you to try and see what happens. :)
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Steve Yoxon
Why? It's OK to put a viewport entirely within another one, Just "ctrl R" toggles -switches between all viewports on the layout, You could also use the icon on the very bottom of a Acad window toggle (paper / model) especially when your display is entirelly in a P. Space and you can not click outside of a viewport!! It is good idea to have Viewport toolbar open to control the scale of each VP. You could create any VP shape, - "convert shape" to VP. - on same toolbar
Have Fun Roman
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R Cygan

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