ProgeCAD LT 2006

The other day, I came across this page:
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where it stated in extra large fonts that ProgeCAD LT 2006 is the in
thing. So I clicked on it, and landed on the following page:
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and it is declared (back in 15th, Jan, 2007) that "progeCAD Smart! is
coming". Well, it's already late July, 2007, and that thing that
supposed to be "coming" isn't yet.
Instead of waiting for something that is in perpectual state of
"coming", I feel that it's best to test run the last year version.
So, anyone here got a copy of last year's ProgeCAD LT 2006, if so, is
it okay for you to post it online somewhere that I can go dl the
thing, please ?
Thank you !
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I don't have it, it would be about 50Mb. ITC reports the imminent release of a new major release, which I guess will be similar or same as Bicscad/Bricsys V8 which you can try or buy now. All the brands use different naming which is really unhelpful - V6, 2006, V7. Bricscad had a V7 which fixed the fading snaps bug, at least with flyover on, which some still have (can't say which ones). Don't know which brands of V6 or 7 had that fixed, but if you can find one I would grab it while V8 makes up its mind what it's going to be. For me just adapting to it and implementing my customisations in V8 looks such a pain it's not worth stopping work to do... yet.
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there was before non professional use progecad lt 2006 then have decided to adjourn him with procegad smart 2007, and has been since January of 2007 that there is that page progeCAD Smart! is coming
I regret it, perhaps for the time being a9cad
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to the right of the page Free Download
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