Re-implode an object...

... hi to all, how i can re-implode an object previously exploded?
Thanks a lot
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Assuming that you are past the point where UNDO will help, about all you can do (except for polylines) is retrieve it from a backup file. Sorry...
Albyus wrote:
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Bill Gilliss
Thats been my experience too, though i wish it was otherwise!
Thats why you will find a bunch of files in every folder of every project i do; widget 1.0.dwg widget 1.1.dwg widget 1.2.dwg widget 1.3.dwg widget 1.4.dwg widget 1.5.dwg widget 1.6.dwg
etc etc ad nauseum. Each one with perhaps not a whole lot sof changes since the last one.
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Shaun Van Poecke

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