stencil fonts for autocad?

Hi All,
Ive been asked by my boss to do some caser cutting of nameplates for things
around our shop, do i *really* need to design every one of those letters?
Surely there is a stencil font out there somewhere for autocad, hopefully
one that doesnt need me to pay for it before i can see if its any good or
As an alternative, any way of exploding lettering? I read something just a
few minutes ago that sounded pretty convoluted; write some text in MS Word,
but as word art, not as text, copy to clipboard, paste in autocad as paste
special>autocad entities, convert to polyline, smooth as needed. This
sounds like a fair bit of work for some probably quite ordinary results....
any ideas at all?
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Shaun Van Poecke
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See if any of these will do ya:
formatting link
To convert TTF lettering to polylines, use the Express Tools "Explode text" tool, trim the resulting polylines as needed, and then use either PEDIT or BOUNDARY to create a single polyline per letter.
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Bill Gilliss
You can get the Truetype font and use this program:
formatting link
Shaun Van Poecke wrote:
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