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My small business has a peer-to-peer network with three computers, two
desktops and one laptop. One desktop OS is XP Pro, and the other is Win98 -
the XP machine has a LCD monitor, and the other a CRT. Both have AutoCAD
2000i installed, as does the laptop, which is a Win98 machine.
Our company logo, which appears on all our plan sheets, is the Mistral
TrueType font.
My dilemma/question is this: why does the Win98 desktop display and print
the Mistral font correctly, and the XP desktop and Win98 laptop do not? On
thjose machines, it defaults to the standard simplex font as a subsitute for
Mistral. Mistral is in the Windows font folder, and I have copied it to the
ACAD font folder. I'm not sure if this is related, but Word files copied
from the Win98 desktop will not be recognized by the XP desktop or the Win98
laptop until I change the text on those machines to Mistral. Also, in the
Word font drop-down menu, both Mistral and Mistral AV are present. The text
will only change to Mistral if Mistral AV is selected.
This is a bizarre situation that I have actually been trying to resolve for
months - I would appreciate anyone's input regarding this matter.
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Michael Simmons-Smith
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Not sure if this will help, but here goes....
Have you checked the actual file names for the Mistral font (not the font 'name', the actual file name)? I'm wondering if you have two different font files, both using the same font file.
Is the Mistral font 'installed' to Windows? A TTF file can exist, but unless it is 'installed', Windows won't see it.
Have you messed with Acad's font mapping? I think there might be a better solution, but if you have to, this might work.
Aslo, FWIW, I'd suggest recreating your logo with standard Acad objects. This way you can send drawings with your logo without worrying what someone else's system might do to your logo.
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