Recommendation/Opinion on Flat Screens

Hi all
It looks like our old 21" Hitachi CRT monitors are coming to the end of the
road. There are 7 in all, dating from 1997 to 2001 year of manufacture.
The question is whose make of flat screen to go for?
The application is 99.9% 2D drafting with very occasional 3D
modelling/rendering (mainly for user interest rather than commercial
Not forgetting the MS Office stuff and Google of course.
Can't believe we need high spec items for this but would be looking for
good-on-the-eyes image at reasonable cost.
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300 to 400 buys you a 24" lcd.
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You can purchase 22'' monitors for around 200 euros.
Rui Maciel
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Rui Maciel
I have LCD's by Viewsonic, Dell and Westinghouse. An 18", 19" and 22". They all look great. I use them for Acad & Solidworks.
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