Slightly OT - letter plotter

Many years ago (late 1980's) I worked on a project where lots of manual
construction drawing was done. The tech drawers had a nifty little device
that I can best describe as a letter plotter. It was a flatish box of size
somewhere between an A5 and A6 paper sheet, and maybe 2cm thick. The top
surface was a keyboard and an LCD display, and sticking out of the top edge
was a small arm which would accept a pen. One could type in short texts,
place the thingy in any position and orientation on the paper, and have it
write the typed text in nice letters.
Has anyone here seen this kind of thing? Is it still sold? Does anyone know
where I could get one?
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Rotring, I think had one and possibly Lettraset. Haven't seen one for many a long year!
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B. W. Salt.
Something like this?
formatting link
formatting link
"toa" schreef in bericht news:bvwBc.9906$
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Govert J. Knopper

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