Malcom Furlow's Carbondale Central of the late 1980's.

Has anyone ever seen or made a copy of Malcom Furlow's Carbondale Central. It was in 2 or 3 issues of Model Railroader in 1988. The detail was superb. It was not a big layout but it was very real looking, remindedme of where I live.

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A. Paul
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Paul - In Kalmbach's Great Model Railroads 2004 there is an article by Lou Sassi about John Fultz's CC&RR which is essentially a copy of the Carbondale Central's trackplan and its urban concept. However, not being pressed by any deadline for completing his layout, in my opinion John did a better, more detailed and impressive job on the city itself compared with Malcolm. I'd have to say that it is one of the best small urban layouts I've every seen.

The fate of the original Carbondale Central seems to be unknown. Andy Sperandeo related to me that this layout never became the property of MR after the Furlow article was published (as many earlier project layouts have). Sometime thereafter, Furlow moved to the Southwest and apparently did not take the layout with him. So, its final disposition is unclear.


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