Table/Sheet Set Issues

With AutoCAD 2008 (MAP3D as AutoCAD 2008), I am unable to have as much
control of tables as I would like. I don't want to have a header or
even a title for a table, just data. With 2006 this was possible. If I
paste the table from 2006 it fills in the header with default
settings. What is the deal, why did they make it impossible to turn
off table headers, or am I missing something obvious? Or is it a MAP3D-
unique issue?
I am unsure if turning borders off (the 'no borders' button) makes
them not actually plot as they are clearly still shown with seemingly
plottable attributes (I will find out when I get to a printer,) If it
doesn't, is there a recommendation on how best to do this?
Basically I want a table that is just two columns of content, one for
drawing numbers and one for titles. I have to use a table as I am
trying to make best use of Sheet Sets and want a drawing index.
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