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Should drawing title tags go in model space or papar space?
The tags that go under a detail with the little circle and number and line.
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"should" is subjective.
I like my titles in paper space. I keep 3 tabs for the different paper sizes I am likely to use, set to plot to extents with my titleblock, labeled C D & E. I keep them with the appropriately sized title block and rename the tab to an appropriate number, and copy that sheet for subsequent sheets.
My needs are simple, Basement Plan, Main Level Plan.... Front Elevation. I keep copies of all my texts I use every job on one tab. Cut & Paste, not edit.
But I have worked with jobs that had lots of details and sections.
Were I living in that world again, I would have a standard Block or three with attributes in paper space. In paper space the titles would all be the same scale, through the viewport, the title scaling would have to be calculated for each. Not the end of the world, but not taking the advantage paper space was intended to provide.
The only thing NOT to do would be BOTH. (I think.)
And if in the future you start working in 3D, you will be putting text in paper space, or I am a wombat. I forget which.
cheers. roy
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I keep these tags in paperspace too, but I agree that it's subjective.
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I my opinion, all text referring to plans and drawings should be in model space.
Here is an example: There is a mech. eng. (who shall remain nameless) that puts all his notes (not just titles - equipment mark numbers and duct sizes as well) on paper space. Drawing looks fine, but when I want to "lift" his equipment and mark numbers off his drawing to mine, so I can power up the equipment, I have to copy and paste twice. Once for the equipment and then once with the text (which obviously has to be scaled up).
Need another reason? Many architects put their plan and detail titles on paper space. They usually do all their plans on one sheet: demo, new work, reflected ceiling plan etc. , for all floors, then create appropriate layout tabs A1.1111, A1.1112, etc. If the titles are on the paper space portion, when you get to model space to lift the backgrounds, it's a crap-shoot to choosing the correct plan.
Now my rant: Architects, please don't put text on a wall layers. I really don't need your words on my background and the "e" on my keyboard is fading. Thanks.
What is your purpose for putting the titles on paper space? Laziness? Not a good excuse in my opinion. In conclusion (didn't think I was getting there did you?) if anyone has to use your drawings, it is helpful to have all text in model space so that no information is missed.
Oh one more thing: There are some architects that so heavily format their work plans (walls, doors, windows) and titleblocks that I charge extra time because I have to undo the formatting so the walls, etc. will print lightly for me.
I'm done. Sorry for the ranting. Could you tell, I spent time this week just making someone else's backgrounds work for me? Have a good weekend.
REX wrote: > Should drawing title tags go in model space or papar space? > The tags that go under a detail with the little circle and number and line.
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Janice G
I use a mixed approach.
You can select only the visible stuff in a port after using the MSPACE command. No need to TILEMODE over, or be confused.
I never do.
Sheets with multiple drawings on them get rearranged from time to time. The best place to do this is PSPACE. The titles easily foolow the detail if they are together.
No idea what you're talking about here. "Formatting"?
Happy Hallmark Holiday to all the Dad's out there. Milk it for all it's worth!
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Michael Bulatovich
Yeah, formatting. I suppose the architects insert their titleblocks and then put in the text they want: ie: drawn by, checked by, rev no. and date, drawing number, etc. However, we choose to use the titleblock as an xref drawing, so if the job title changes (which it does frequently, I'm not sure why) or we insert the issue date, we only have to do it one time. Also sometimes the backgrounds have walls that don't seem to be just blocks. If they are exploded, sometimes they disappear (perhaps they use and add-on program that we don't have). If the color of the walls (or any entity) has been assigned rather than "bylayer" chances are it will print incorrectly for our needs. That's what I'm talking about. Sorry if I was not clearer in my rant.
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Janice G
If you want everything in the drawing to be BYLAYER color, you know that it can be done with one command, right? (As long as everything is visible and unlocked.)
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Michael Bulatovich
Well, yeah I think so, unless it is a block and colors were assigned to the individual components before the block was made. Usually I start by selecting all showing and un-locked (as you recommend) and then choose "bylayer", and that works on most of the entities. Have I been missing something? A slick new command perhaps? Or just an old one I don't know about?
Janice (acad 2005)
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Janice G
You're right.
No, you're doing what I'd do, only I'd use the command line. (old dog)
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Michael Bulatovich
BTW, I have a pretty good explode routine that preserves the color and linetype subentities might inherit from their block insertion, and explodes them onto the block's insertion layer. Using it, you could just explode every block in the above condition, then change like before. It's called Mylexpode.lsp and it's on my website.
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Michael Bulatovich

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