Tool palette problems

Whenever i try to use a wall, vindow or ?? i get this message: "A style or
difinition could not be located for this tool" - "Please check the tool
settings for following possible causes: - location drawing is not avaible or
style or difinition does not exist in current drawing"
I tried to drag and drop diff. styles (wall, window aso.) into the drawing
and refresh - nothing happens.
Hope you can understand my english - Im from denmark.
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I have a similar problem, but someone directed me to
formatting link
they have a lot of resourses that will be of help, however some are not free. Hope this will help, if not please send me an email personally.
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If you are using Architectural Desktop this might apply. Many registry scanning/cleaning applications will delete AEC dll files. When Norton's System Works got through with my operating system some 400+ dll files had been deleted. The ADT dvd has a registry repair option which solved my problem. I no longer can allow registry scanning/cleaning. I don't want to "fix it" each time.
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S. Scalise

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