totaling lengths of separate lines

Anyone know a way to total the lengths of separate lines without
setting up a table and all that schmage?
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Try this lisp from Tee Square Graphics:
TLEN.LSP - Total LENgth of selected objects (c) 1998 Tee Square Graphics
(defun C:TLEN (/ ss tl n ent itm obj l) (setq ss (ssget) tl 0 n (1- (sslength ss))) (while (>= n 0) (setq ent (entget (setq itm (ssname ss n))) obj (cdr (assoc 0 ent)) l (cond ((= obj "LINE") (distance (cdr (assoc 10 ent))(cdr (assoc 11 ent)))) ((= obj "ARC") (* (cdr (assoc 40 ent)) (if (minusp (setq l (- (cdr (assoc 51 ent)) (cdr (assoc 50 ent))))) (+ pi pi l) l))) ((or (= obj "CIRCLE")(= obj "SPLINE")(= obj "POLYLINE") (= obj "LWPOLYLINE")(= obj "ELLIPSE")) (command "_.area" "_o" itm) (getvar "perimeter")) (T 0)) tl (+ tl l) n (1- n))) (alert (strcat "Total length of selected objects is " (rtos tl))) (princ) )
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Thanks, it works great.
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what's the command for this lisp? tnx
snipped-for-privacy@cix.compul> >
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After loading the lisp Command: (load "tlen.lsp") type at the command line Command: tlen
Regards Juergen
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Jürgen Palme

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